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February 18, 2014

7 Step Process for hiring temporary employees

1.) Resume assessment: The first thing that Greg and I look at is the person's resume. We can glean some information about the person just by looking at it such as major gaps in employment, verb tenses, consistency with fonts or major grammar issues. 2.) In-depth resume analysis: Once we take a look at the resume and start to read through it we start to notice the somewhat more subtle nuances of the resumes such as hard skills, writing styles, experiences and the kinds of organizations they've worked in previously. 3.) The phone interview: The phone interview used to determine whether or not we are going to bring someone into the office for a full interview and sign up. 4.) Skill testing: We send our candidates out testing from Prove-It before they come into the office. This allows them to take the testing at their leisure and saves them an hour or more time when they come into the office. 5.) In person interviews: Our candidates are thoroughly evaluated from the moment they come into our office. We assess their communication skills and behavioral cues as well as their work history in order to assess their fit with our clients. 6.) Background check: We run all of our applicants through the "National Criminal Database". It's not fool-proof but it is more comprehensive than just doing a Google search on our candidates. 7.) References: References for temporary employees can be tricky because of the nature of temporary work in general. However, we always try to get substantial references on our temporary employees.  



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