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September 8, 2014

Contact 1 Celebrates Labor Day!

Labor Day for the staffing industry and to many of us that hire for a living is the official end to our summers.  Kids are back to school, interns have left and some of those projects that we have been holding off seem to flare back up. Greg and I at Contact 1 have our own projects that need to be completed!  Filing projects, reconciling some spreadsheets, follow up on some old prospects and put together a fall news letter for our former temporary employees.  I need to clean off my desk and Greg needs to do something with his 500 post-it notes filing system he maintains on his desk. I'll bet that when you came into work this morning you noticed that it took a little longer to get in than it did just last week.  Traffic was more congested, it was harder to get a seat on the metro and the bus was just a little bit behind schedule...........and you had to stand! Welcome back!  The summer break is over, we've made it past Labor Day and the area kids are all back in school; it really is amazing how big a change this makes in our work weeks.  If somewhere in  your office there is filing that needs to be caught up, desks that need to be gone through or any sort of office clerical work that needs to be done, we hope you'll keep Contact 1 in mind.



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