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March 13, 2014

Step 2: In-depth Resume Analysis

The In-depth Resume Analysis is where we really start to dig into the “meat” of the resume searching for core requirements that match our clients’ needs.    The three main areas we look at include writing/communication skills, non-negotiables and relevant work experience.    We recently ran an ad for an Executive Administrative Assistant and received well over 500 resumes within a week.  Using the techniques below, we probably screened out 90-95% of the candidates because their experience and writing skills did not offer any value to the client. 1.)    Writing/communication skills  From the minute we open a candidate’s resume and/or cover letter, we start to analyze their communication/writing skills as well as their ability to articulate their past accomplishments.   You can tell a lot about someone’s communication skills just by reading their resume and cover letter.   With over 30 years of experience between us, we have read tens of thousands of resumes and cover letters and we can almost immediately tell when someone has just copy/pasted a previous job description into their work history.   We can also tell when someone has just used standard lines/paragraphs straight out of a resume/cover letter writing guide.  If the candidate has neither taken the time to customize their resume to our posted job description, nor highlight their relevant work experience, then they are most likely not going to get a call back. 2.)    The non-negotiables The core requirements include what we call the non-negotiables – these are the items that our clients have told us are the most important attributes in a candidate.     These attributes usually include experience working in a specific type of role/organization, number of years of relevant experience and education. 3.)     Relevant work experience After establishing that a candidate has the core requirements that our client desires, we start to look more in-depth at their work experience and how it correlates to our client’s job description.    If a client is looking to make a hire in this job market, even on a temporary basis, they ideally want someone who has done their job before and can seamlessly step into to the role and efficiently perform tasks quickly without much training. Once we have established that a candidate has met all 3 core requirements, we move on to the next step in the screening process……..The Phone Interview. Stay tuned for the next blog post, Step 3: The Phone Interview. By: Greg Foutz, Manager – Staffing Services & Recruitment



2 Responses to “Step 2: In-depth Resume Analysis” (Leave a Comment)

  1. Andy says:

    I look at resumes differently depending on the position. For Communications positions I screen more heavily for writing and communication. For an Accounting position I would focus more on relevant work experience and less on writing and communication. There is a risk at screen to heavily. The most qualifed candidate that is the best fit for the position may not be the best speller.

    I agree 100% on the “non-negotiables”.

  2. Robert Rolader says:

    Good read!