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March 27, 2014

Step 3: The Phone Interview

The third stage of our 7 step interview process is the telephone interview. During the phone interview we get a chance to briefly check over some of the qualifications of our prospective candidates and get to know them a bit better before scheduling the onsite visit to our office. Here are some qualities and things we discuss in the phone interview: 1.) General communication skills:  The majority of our employees end up working in an administrative or accounting position where they will have interaction with clients, members and/or executives. Therefore the phone interview is a valuable opportunity to access a possible candidate’s verbal communication skills.   We also want to see if the candidate can briefly articulate why they are interested in the job and why they are qualified for it. 2.) Gaps in employment:  In the interview, we quickly go through the resume with the candidate to allow them to explain any gaps in employment, poor tenure and/or to discuss reasons for leaving a prior employment.  This is also where we find out (a) the candidates desire to work on a temporary basis, (b) other jobs for which they are interviewing and (c) any other staffing services that may be in the mix. This is often where we filter candidates that we are “on the fence” about. 3.) Prep work for the in-person interview: Finally, in the phone interview we talk about Contact 1's staffing process, including Prove-it testing. We send them paperwork that can be filled out ahead of time and agree on a time to meet with us.    You would be surprised how many times candidates will just no-show for an interview without calling, but you can usually tell if a candidate is serious about the process if they complete the prep work and testing in a timely manner. The Phone Interview is one of the most crucial steps in the interview process.  It gives us the opportunity to see if the candidate is a good fit for our job without wasting too much of our time or the candidate’s time by scheduling an in-person interview if the person is not qualified.  While we want to meet as many candidates as we can, we also want to make sure that we can successfully match the qualified candidates to our job openings. By: Garrison Lindsey, Managing Director – Temporary Staffing, Commercial & Government Services



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