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September 24, 2014

Step 5: Candidate Interviews

First impressions are key during a temporary staffing interview process. Ideally our applicants are here on time, properly dressed, pre-work completed and ready to go. The more time someone takes filling out paperwork and doing testing, the less time we get to spend with them and get to know them. When someone does walk through our front door, we take everything in…from the way the individual introduces themselves to their handshake, eye contact and posture. We also keep an eye out for what exactly they brought to the interview to whether they turned their phone off. We take all things into consideration, things happen, sometimes it’s hard to get things done ahead of time, etc. But when someone comes in on time, friendly and prepared for the interview, that is the first big plus in our book and it could well be the person that we call you about later that week! By: Garrison Lindsey, Managing Director – Temporary Staffing, Commercial & Government Services



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