Employee Spotlight: Nazuki Andoh, Operations Director

by Contact 1 Inc on May 23, 2023 in Company Culture


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At Contact 1, we’ve got a close-knit team of industry experts ready to support your employment needs. But who exactly are these experts? Our employee spotlights give a backstage pass to see who these distinguished professionals are. Here’s a quick snapshot of one of the leaders on our team.

Nazuki Andoh, Operations Director


Tell us about what you do at Contact 1.

The most important thing I probably do is to make sure that everyone gets paid each week, but I tend to wear quite a few hats – mostly behind the scenes – so, if everything is running smoothly at Contact 1, that usually means that I’m not sleeping on the job. 😁👍

What kind of background and/or expertise do you bring to the team?

One of the most critical skills I bring from my previous career experiences is customer service. If you can work harmoniously with people, including those who may be considered a bit more difficult, you can most likely handle almost any situation in your job.

There are always different ways to convey or deliver a message. You may be working with someone who is a tad salty, but it’s always best to treat them with kindness. You cannot judge or make assumptions as to what they may be going through personally – who knows, it might have just been an off day for that person. However, you’ll always feel good knowing you did your part with compassion and grace, even if those seeing this from the outside would wonder why anyone would be so nice to someone that they may deem as not deserving of such courtesy. The caveat is that you must also know when to be assertive and stand your ground and know how to provide the appropriate delivery to communicate effectively.

What do you find most interesting about working with Contact 1?

We are a unique team that works well together and independently. Since Contact 1 is a small business, we support the company in various capacities. Other, larger companies may have distinct people hired to do specific tasks, but we tend to have more well-rounded knowledge regarding the workings of our company. Our wider skill set keeps our business running successfully.

How does Contact 1 support your career and personal goals?

I have meandered through many different paths, including a semi-glamorous stint in the makeup industry and a less glamorous but highly rewarding position at an animal shelter. What makes my current job a true pleasure is the latitude that Donna, our boss, provides in our day-to-day work. She respects and trusts us enough to handle our work, and if something comes up outside of the office, she is very flexible and allows us as much freedom as possible. It’s clear she appreciates the meaning of a healthy work-life balance. That is one of the most important aspects of having a fulfilling life, from a career and personal perspective.

What’s the biggest benefit to partnering with a staffing firm in a job search?

Unless you grew up knowing exactly what you wanted to do for your entire life and had a passion for it that never deviated, a staffing firm can be one of the best things that could happen for your career! Not only will you be able to potentially try out positions you may have never considered or only had vague inklings about, but you may also be able to use a staffing firm to pivot to a new industry.

At Contact 1, we provide guidance on how to make your resume more attractive and suitable for particular positions you are interested in, as well as how to prepare for a specific interview. Since we have established relationships with our clients, often the door is already open for an invitation to step in and see if you and our client make a good match. These opportunities would be hard to come by if you were to try and do everything on your own. However, when you partner with a good staffing firm, you can develop a bit more confidence and feel more prepared for a new position.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the DC area?

I love the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms in the spring and going to catch interesting performances at the Wolf Trap. For those who haven’t experienced it, the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts is the only national park in the U.S. that combines the beauty of a natural outdoor setting with world-class performing arts venues.

I also love to check out excellent eateries (not just in the DC area 😉), from a Michelin-rated, prix-fixe dining experience to a hole-in-the-wall and whatever else in between – if it’s dog friendly and I can bring along my senior rescue, Wolfie, even better!

Do you have a unique skill or “stupid human trick”?

I have the unique ability to project my voice VERY loudly. I have been known to turn many heads in crowds to me yelling out a name of a friend (to their great embarrassment 😆) or cheering for a sports team or musician. If you need a human PA system 📢, I’m your gal!

What do you enjoy doing outside work hours?

I also love spending quality time with my longtime partner, Jesse, as well as our senior rescue dog, Wolfie. We enjoy taking long (not so romantic 😂) walks together and trekking to many destinations that most wouldn’t even consider walking to because it’s just a bit too far away. I also take joy in collecting, trading, and nurturing all sorts of plants, from the mundane such as snake plants, to the more exotic, like carnivorous ones!

Anything else you want to share about yourself (something you think people should know about you?

Nope, better to stay a bit mysterious and not give away all of my secrets! 😉

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