Wondering How to Get a Government Job? See Why Susan Leaned on Contact 1

by Contact 1 Inc on June 18, 2024 in Case Study


Finding the right job can be a daunting process, especially for those navigating the complexities of federal employment. Job seekers often face a litany of challenges, from deciphering extensive paperwork and unfamiliar hiring procedures to meeting specialized qualifications and enduring lengthy wait times for responses and interviews.

For Susan Groux, a recent candidate of ours, these hurdles were particularly overwhelming. We recently chatted with Susan about her journey through the federal hiring process.

Read on as we share Susan’s experience, the support she received from Contact 1, and how she ultimately secured her dream position.

What’s your current position?

I’m about to start a new temporary position at the Library of Congress next week. I’m a librarian and just finished a 10-month term there. That was a term appointment, and now I’m moving to another temporary position. I’m gaining experience across different roles within the Library of Congress to qualify for a full-time merit appointment. My past experience in roles placed by Contact 1 was instrumental in helping me secure my current librarian positions.

How long have you worked with Contact 1?

I moved to DC from the East Coast in June 2022, looking for jobs. I had done some preliminary research and informational interviews before arriving. One of those interviews was with the Humane Rescue Alliance, previously known as the Washington Humane Society, since my background before becoming a librarian involved working with animals.

I interviewed with them, but I wasn’t sure about taking the role. During that time, my profile on Indeed was active, and Contact 1 reached out about a social media analyst position at the US Postal Service. This role intrigued me as it matched my information background as a librarian, which I personally see as more of an information technologist role. However, I decided to continue with the Humane Rescue Alliance because of the connection I had established earlier.

Though I declined to work with Contact 1 initially, their team was wonderful. They congratulated me on taking the position at the Humane Rescue Alliance and asked me to keep in touch.

I enjoyed the shelter role and volunteered there for a while. Eventually, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term. I reached out to Contact 1 again, doubting they would remember me. To my surprise, they answered right away and helped me interview for the USPS position.

They guided me through the process, advocating for me and addressing any concerns from the interviewers. I got the job at USPS! Although, my ultimate goal was to work at the Library of Congress.

When I finally got an interview there, I spent a sleepless night deciding whether to leave USPS. Although the team at USPS was fantastic and Contact 1 continued to support me, the Library of Congress was my dream employer.

When the Library of Congress interview rolled around, I discussed my USPS experience, which impressed them and helped me secure the position. Contact 1 provided me with a great experience and support that helped me achieve my goal! I continue to use my USPS experience in interviews for permanent positions at the Library of Congress.

Had you worked with any other staffing firms prior to Contact 1?

Not officially—I have interviewed with a couple of other agencies after moving across the country and settling in. In librarianship, we’re seeing more use of agencies and contractors to fill positions.

I had one very negative experience and one positive but unproductive experience. Neither compared to the support, service, and communication that Contact 1 provided.

When I compare the other firms to Contact 1, it’s night and day. The paperwork for federal agency employment can be overwhelming but Contact 1 made the process pleasant when I was preparing for my USPS role.

On a separate occasion, when I had questions about my temporary position at the Library of Congress, I called their team for advice, even though I wasn’t a current candidate. They took my call without hesitation, and we spent at least 20 minutes discussing my concerns. My experiences with Contact 1, both as an active candidate and as a former candidate, have been consistently positive.

What—other than communication—sets Contact 1 apart from other recruiting agencies?

Besides communication, definitely their authenticity and honesty. Their team is straightforward and honest about every aspect of the hiring process.

What is Contact 1’s level of knowledge regarding the federal hiring process?

Working with a government agency is much different from a private company. Contact 1’s knowledge is impressive.

Their team knew the paperwork inside out. The forms were 40-45 pages long, and I was nervous about details like listing neighbors I had lived next to 25 years ago. When I first showed up to their DC office, I worried their team might be impatient or nitpicky. Instead, they were thorough and supportive, reassuring me that everything would be fine. They even caught a small mistake that could have held up the whole process!

The paperwork took about a month to process—much faster than any other contract employee. My USPS boss was amazed and asked who I knew. I credited Contact 1, of course! Their knowledge of the USPS role made the interview process smoother.

When I later sought advice about the Library of Congress role, they helped again, drawing on their experience with other jobseekers. Their honesty and willingness to help, even when they didn’t immediately have all the answers, was incredibly comforting.

Consulting them after my employment ended shows how much I trusted them. They are a great resource!

Supporting Your Career Every Step of the Way

At Contact 1, we are dedicated to supporting you at every step of your career journey. Our team is here to provide the help you need, from finding your first job to offering ongoing career advice.

“My experience as a recruited candidate, employee, and post-employment candidate with Contact 1 has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Susan. “The Contact 1 staff are knowledgeable, supportive, communicative, and authentic. I could not ask for more in a recruiting agency, and I highly recommend Contact 1 to other job seekers in the DC area.”

We pride ourselves on our clear communication, honesty, and deep knowledge of the federal hiring process. Navigating the job market can be tough, but with Contact 1 by your side, you’ll have a trusted partner to help you find both immediate opportunities and achieve your long-term career goals.

Are you ready to find your next career opportunity? Like Susan, you can rely on Contact 1 for dedicated support and guidance. Contact us to get started!