CAF America Partners with Contact 1: A Nonprofit Hiring Success Story

by Contact 1 Inc on May 22, 2024 in Case Study, Hiring


Imagine this: you’re at the helm of an organization that helps people donate money to incredible causes all over the globe. It’s a fantastic feeling, but with great responsibility comes a mountain of hiring work. How can you find the perfect team to get every dollar into the right hands and maximize your global impact?

That’s the situation Nathan Fleming, Human Resources Manager at CAF America, found himself in. As a leader in international grantmaking, CAF America needed a team that could keep up with their steadily growing philanthropic activities. Finding the right people, especially for some of their more specialized roles, felt like searching for a dime in the ocean.

That’s where Contact 1 comes in. We took the time to understand what makes the CAF America team tick—their values, their culture, and the specific skillsets they needed—to turn their philanthropic vision into reality.

We recently spoke with Nathan about our ongoing partnership with CAF America. Read on to learn how our successful placements are empowering them to change the world, one grant at a time.

What roles has Contact 1 helped you fill over the years?

They’ve been incredibly helpful in filling a variety of roles for us, from administrative support and finance to more specialized roles like fund managers and grants associates.

These positions involve everything from event management to research and due diligence. Contact 1 has been crucial in helping us find the right people for these diverse roles.

What does the hiring process with Contact 1 look like? Are you very involved?

We’re deeply involved, particularly with interviews. Finding the right cultural fit is essential because of our quick growth and startup-like atmosphere.

Contact 1 does a great job with the initial screenings, making sure we only meet candidates who are likely to mesh well with our team.

What recent placement really stands out to you?

There’s actually a standout example from our grants team. The person had a law background and quickly moved to our compliance team. They adapted quickly and thrived even during a turbulent time.

Initially, I thought they’d leave for grad school after six months. They ended up staying, completing their schooling while working, and just kept impressing us with their ability to take on more responsibilities. It was one of those hires that pleasantly surprised us.

Have any of the employees placed by Contact 1 climbed the ranks at CAF America?

Indeed, many have! We’ve seen people grow from entry-level positions all the way to senior roles like vice presidents and directors. It’s a testament to the quality of candidates Contact 1 brings us, and how well they fit and grow within our organization.

Can you share any notable achievements by employees placed by Contact 1?

I can confidently say Contact 1’s placements have played key roles in managing our growth. We’re now handling significant amounts of contributions each year, which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our team. There’s a lot of good work being done throughout the world.

The Ripple Effect: Changing the World, One Grant at a Time

CAF America’s story is a testament to the power of building a strong team. When you have the right people in place, those passionate about your mission and skilled at what they do, amazing things can happen.

And the impact of CAF America’s workforce goes far beyond their organization. A more efficient grantmaking process translates to more resources flowing to people in need. By facilitating millions in annual contributions to charities worldwide, CAF America is fueling positive change on a global scale.

At Contact 1, we’re proud to be part of their inspiring journey. We believe in the power of strong partnerships, and seeing the real-world impact of the team we helped build is incredibly rewarding. We look forward to our continued partnership with CAF America, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.

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