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3 Networking Habits that Build Robust Relationships

Networking – the term can be both ambiguous and overwhelming. Is it important? Does it add value to your career? And if so, how do you network in a way that connects with people without being another email or phone call people debate returning? All valid and relatable questions, ones I’ve wrestled with myself. Through […]


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Understanding and Removing Barriers to Job Mobility

There’s a growing sense of ambiguity in how companies can help advance their employees’ careers. How do leaders or organizations assist in creating the right trajectory for people to embark on the profession of their dreams, whether that be as a lawyer, physician, educator, non-profit advocate, or any number of other professions? Further still, how […]


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7 Ways to Master Your Next Phone Interview

Phone interviews are nothing new. However, with the increase of remote and hybrid work opportunities in the last few years, initial interviews are occurring on the phone more often. Reviewing interview tips and STAR questions is beneficial, but how do you prepare to answer important questions on the phone? If a large portion of our communication comes from non-verbal […]


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What is a staffing agency and how does it work?

Even if you haven’t worked with a staffing agency, you probably have some preconceived notions. And what are the advantages of working with one? While not all agencies are one and the same, those that take their partnerships seriously can provide helpful connections for your career path. From interview-prep tips and resume reviews to career […]


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Clients of winning agencies are twice as likely to be completely satisfied. Washington D.C. – February 1 – Contact 1 Inc., a leading DC staffing and recruiting firm, announced today that they have won the Best of Staffing Client Award for providing superior service to their clients. Presented in partnership with presenting sponsor Indeed and gold sponsor […]


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