Direct Hire


What can a recruiting firm do for me?

We are one of your best resources for resume feedback, interviewing skills and job placement. We are your ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ on the marketplace and can introduce you to employers who are interested in your level of experience. We offer Direct Hire, Temp-to-Hire, and Temporary Placement services. Our areas of specialization are administrative support through mid-level management. Client companies enlist the help of Contact 1 recruiters to fill critical positions within their organizations. We may have a position available immediately that matches your skills and experience or we may have a future position that will help you advance your career. It is always an excellent idea for Contact 1 to have a current copy of your resume in our database.

What can Contact 1 do for me that I can't do for myself?

Most people do not 'sell themselves' as well as they could on paper or in person. Everyone benefits from the feedback of an experienced recruiter. Interviewing for a new job and making a job change are very stressful events. The seasoned recruiters at Contact 1 will provide you with an overview of the job market and how your experience and skills fit into that market. We will offer you resume and interviewing tips, as well as prepare you with a job description and information on the companies that you are interviewing with. BE PREPARED…. Is the first rule when interviewing and Contact 1 helps you with your questions and concerns. Contact 1 can point you in the direction of some excellent firms & companies that you might not find on your own.

What types of positions does Contact 1 specialize in?

Our Direct Hire, Temporary Staffing and Temp-to-Hire divisions specialize in administrative support through mid-level management positions. This is a broad area including such diverse positions as administrative assistant; executive assistant; program coordinator; research assistant; development assistant, marketing coordinator; legal secretary; paralegal; human resources generalist; recruiter; and many others. Manager and director level positions could be in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, benefits; business development and IT, among many others. Entry level positions usually require a college degree with 6 months plus experience; or 2 years plus experience in an office setting.

What type of Companies does Contact 1 recruit for?

Contact 1 supports a wide range of non-profits & for-profits in the D.C. metropolitan area. Our clients include law firms, consulting firms, government, accounting firms, trade associations, international development, membership organizations and financial and real estate firms. Contact 1 works with established organizations in the D.C. area and makes every effort to refer you to only reputable, well-researched companies.

What is the fee for the service?

Contact 1's fees are paid by the employer who enlists our assistance in the recruitment process. There is no fee or contract for you as the candidate.

How does Contact 1 assess my skills?

We give a clerical test (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, proofreading) to all candidates, unless the positions of interest are managerial or do not require it. We also test typing skills and may test on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other software packages. If applicable we will test math/accounting skills. We may also request a writing sample for certain types of positions.

What does Contact 1 expect from me?

We expect honesty and prompt feedback. We ask that you double-check your resume for accuracy in content and typographical errors. We ask that you allow us to test your technical administrative skills and check your references. We ask that you take our efforts seriously in expanding your job search and that you give us honest feedback after each interview. We also welcome suggestions as to how we can improve our service.